Tuolumne County Library conversations

Courageous Conversation at Sonora Library

The Intention 

To create connections, to challenge stereotypes and prejudices by engaging in dialogue, by sharing bits of our lives, and discovering common values.  Given that cultures are constantly changing and responding to challenges to give meaning to our lives, the conversations we have and the stories we share, attempt intentionally to create welcoming spaces and narratives for individuals and groups in Tuolumne County. 

What It Is

Courageous Conversation is facilitated by Mercedes Tune under the following Principles: 

  • Everyone is welcome 
  • Listen with curiosity for understanding, not for agreement 
  • Be willing to engage in meaningful and honest conversation 
  • Be willing to stretch a bit (being uncomfortable is ok) 
  • Assume good intention 


Inspired by “The Human Library” project, established in Denmark in 2000, Building Bridges organizers Mercedes Tune & Dawn Warfield started hosting courageous conversations in 2021, in collaboration with the Tuolumne County Library in Sonora.

We wanted to encourage individuals to discover shared values and hopes, to create possibilities for compassionate cooperation towards stronger connections in the community. Like reading a book, open-minded conversations with new people can inspire the imagination, expand personal support systems, diminish the power of stereotypes, and help us see the world in a new way. 


  • Last Saturday of the month at 2 pm
All problems exist in the absence of a good conversation.
Thomas Leonard

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