We are a Braver Partner!

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We are very pleased to announce that Building Bridges Tuolumne County has officially joined the national Braver Partner program. Braver Angels has been hugely supportive of us up until now by providing moderators for our local workshops and generously sharing their knowledge and resources. Joining the Partner program further strengthens this relationship.

Through this program, members of our community can broaden their networks, develop new leadership skills, and become more effective citizens and colleagues. They’ll have opportunities to participate in civil-discourse activities such as moderated issue debates, workshops on bridging divides, viewpoint-diverse discussion groups, podcasts, local events, and community and public forums.

Benefits we receive as Partners

  • Regular opportunities to participate in workshops, debates, and public forums connected to depolarization
  • Free memberships in Braver Angels (contact us for details)
  • Opportunities for those who are members of Braver Angels to participate in leadership trainings, including in organizing and chairing debates, workshops, and other activities connected to depolarization
  • The opportunity to send representatives to Braver Angels’ annual National Convention

We look forward to bringing more Braver Angels programs to Tuolumne County and continuing to find common ground across our political and cultural differences.

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